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Empowering Our Community with Handmade Soaps for a Refreshing and Sustainable Clean.

Our Story

Brook and Emily Leonard purchased All Lathered Up in September of 2022 after Brook suffered a foot injury which ended Brook’s 29-year healthcare career. Realizing he could not return to nursing due to residual issues from the injury, and that a new career path would have to be forged, Jerry, Brook’s father, informed him about a business opportunity in Midtown Ruidoso. Lee and Barkley, owners of All Lathered Up, planned
to retire and close the business in the autumn of 2022.

Ownership Transfer

Jerry had suggested selling the business to Brook and Emily, and Lee and Barkley agreed. It was decided that Jerry would manage the store and assist in product production, while Brook handled making products, monthly deliveries to the New Mexico store and business administration. The ownership transfer took place on September 30, 2022, marking Brook and Emily’s shift to soap making.